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Storm Water Management and Credit Planning


The City of Memphis established a Storm Water Enterprise Fund effective May 1, 2006. The enterprise fund provides the City with the authorization to establish and collect fees, and charges for the services and facilities provided by the Water Enterprise System. The City's Storm Water Enterprise Fund establishes a mechanism for billing the costs of operating and maintaining the City's Storm Water Management System, and financing the necessary repairs, replacements, improvements, and extensions. The City’s ordinance provides guidelines under which the City will grant adjustments and credits to storm water user fees that are available to any one parcel up to 50 percent of the assessed fee.


User fee credits are associated with the construction, operation, and maintenance of privately owned storm water facilities that provide beneficial use to the City. Both residential and nonresidential customers can qualify for user fee adjustments whereas only nonresidential customers qualify for user fee credits..


User fee adjustments may be given when (1) an owner demonstrates that rainfall occurs on an impervious area does not generate runoff (has no outlet), is completely watertight, and has at least 18 inches of freeboard, i.e., unusual structures, such as swimming pools, material storage areas, etc. or (2) owner demonstrates that on-site gravel is not compacted, not used for vehicular traffic, and not impervious.


User fee credits may be issued for a site with ongoing implementation of an integrated suite of fundamental non-structural Best Management Practices (BMPs) that will help the City meets its permit objectives. To receive a 10 percent credit adjustment, documentation must be provided to verify that any six of the nine following BMPs have been addressed.


BMP1: Educational Program
BMP2: On-Site Refuse Control Program
BMP3: On-Site Storm Water System Maintenance and Cleaning Program
BMP4: Paved Area Sweeping Program
BMP5: Used Motor Oil Recycling Program
BMP6: Sanitary Sewer/Storm Drain Cross-Connection Inventory
BMP7: Landscaping for Run-Off Rate Control and Water Quality
BMP8: Storm Drain Stenciling Program
BMP9: Designated Vehicle Washing Area


Environmental Realty Services can provide assistance to non-residential clients who desire to implement a Best Management Practices program in order to a receive user fee credit of ten percent from their annual storm water fund assessment.


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