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Regulatory Compliance Management

Environmental regulatory compliance management can be a complex and potentially costly process. Most industrial and commercial facilities handle, discharge, and/or dispose regulated materials, or engage in regulated activities, during the normal course of business. Management of issues associated with environmental regulations that govern these activities requires constant vigilance to ensure compliance of facility operations. Time required to address compliance management issues makes it increasingly difficult for companies to cost effectively manage their own environmental issues. To this end, Environmental Realty Services can assist its client with any one of a wide range of environmental compliance management issues.


Expertise and experience includes the following:


  • Environmental compliance reviews
  • Environmental management system review and/or development
  • Permitting (air, water, hazardous waste)
  • Preparation of Annual reports under the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act
  • Preparation of Emergency Response Contingency Plans, Spill Prevention Cleanup and Counter-Measure Contingency Plans, and Risk Management Plans
  • Independent Third Party Reviews
  • Health and Safety Monitoring



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