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Natural Resource Inventory Assessments

For projects associated with federal funding that require the alteration of sensitive habitat and natural resources, the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) requires a detailed study that is referred to as an Environmental Impact Assessment. The findings of federal and state agencies that are based on the review and approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment are then reported to the public in an Environmental Impact Statement. This process requires assessment of the proposed project’s impact to natural resources of surface water, ground water, air, and wildlife habitat. Under NEPA, the submittal of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is required by the client for approval by the various federal and state agencies responsible for the review of the proposed project. Determination as to the necessity of the project and/or the existence of alternatives to the proposed project is made based on the EIA. The EIA ultimately is comprised of an evaluation of habitat loss based on natural resource inventory assessments, as well as other factors of environmental quality issues relating to air and water that have been identified by the client.

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