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Asbestos Experience


Various Consultants, including:


  • Fisher & Arnold, Inc. – Surveys and Management Planning for Bank Building, West Memphis, Arkansas; Crittenden County Hospital, West Memphis, Arkansas, Firestone Tire Manufacturing plant, Memphis, Tennessee
  • EnSafe – Federal Reserve Bank, Memphis Tennessee; Baptist Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee
  • Unovate Environmental Services – Survey for Doctors Building, Memphis, Tennessee


Other Clients:


  • City of Blytheville, Arkansas – Survey for City Building
  • Admiral Retirement Homes – Survey and Management Planning for Retirement Community, Jackson, Mississippi
  • Windsor Apartments – Survey of 1,800-Unit Apartment Complex in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Mountain View Motel, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Full survey prior to demolition of three motel buildings constructed during 1950 through 1978.
  • Baptist Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee. Abatement of floor tile and overhead pipe insulation in active areas of hospital as an on-call contractor under contract to the hospital and its general contractors.
  • Paradise Point Resorts, Hot Springs, Arkansas. Asbestos Abatement. Total abatement of exterior asbestos shingles on cottages ultimately demolished for year-round residential subdivision.
  • Former Warehouse Distribution Building in Downtown Memphis, Tennessee. Asbestos Abatement. Total abatement of ceiling tile, outdoor transite and pipe insulation in a two story leather shoe and luggage warehouse facility that was demolished in transition to residential apartment buildings by Eschelon Development, Inc.
  • Lester Elementary School, Criner Industries, Memphis, Tennessee. Asbestos Abatement. Abatement of floor tile, ceiling acoustic tile, and floor tile at a former Memphis City School that was transformed into an office building for a private company headquarters.
  • Memphis Funeral Home, Memphis, Tennessee. Asbestos Abatement. Total abatement of facility prior to demolition included pipe insulation, boiler insulation, floor tile, transite walls and doors, and underground piping insulation from an excavated trench between buildings.
  • Klondike Elementary School, Memphis City Schools, Memphis, Tennessee. Asbestos Abatement. Total abatement performed at large City school including boilers spray-on surface material, thermal system insulation, transite walls and floor tile under accelerated 8-week schedule.
  • University of Tennessee, Martin, Tennessee. Asbestos Abatement. Abatement activities were conducted under accelerated schedules during winter break and holidays for outdoor portico ceiling surfaces, indoor ceiling surfaces, thermal system insulation and contractor exposed subsurface piping between buildings.
  • Millington Naval Air Base Pinwheel Barracks. Oversight of Asbestos Abatement. Oversight of construction demolition and abatement of boiler insulation, spray applied materials, floor tile and miscellaneous transite materials.
  • Millington Naval Air Base, Millington, Tennessee. Asbestos Abatement. Open Materials Contract. Abatement of floor tile, pipe insulation, spray applied materials and outdoor water cooling units were among the several on-call abatement projects performed under an open materials contract.

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